Ingo has earned the trust of myself, his direct colleagues and the rest of the team. He is a competent consultant in many respects, his experience in Finance and HR is very much appreciated here and in our US headquarters. His communication skills are at the highest level and helped the team here and overseas to understand and solve the issues which occurred by the strengthening of reporting requirements through our SOX implementation in Europe. Through his integrity, he gained trust at all levels of our organization. By virtue of his reliable competence, he has become an important part of our management team and enjoys almost full independence in his decisions. I wish the company a continuation of the excellent work relationship. 

Fred Stronk CEO Europe, Perceptron Europe


Ingo, many thanks for all your support during the foundation of our company. Your deep knowledge in finance and hr strategies were most appreciated. But not to forget your motivating and sincere approach, especially when it became too turbulent and we were about to give up on our plan ;-) We are happy to be able to continue working with you. 

Boris Bandyophadyay, Founder alvari GmbH 


Ingos tasks required a lot of flexibility and travel activities. His tasks, which he managed far beyond our expectations, had mainly to do with the internationalization of our company in Europe.

We still benefit of his consultancy, which started with the strategic planning of the expansion, followed by the excellent operational execution.

Kevin Vitale, CEO & President Wall Data, Inc. 


Ingo is an outstanding member of our management team. His integrity and judgement are at the highest level. He is well educated, and he applies his technical skills and wealth of practical business experience to an outstanding performance. I have a level of confindence in Ingo that enables me to focus on my job, knowing that all financial and hr activities in Europe are under his capable direction and require very little of my attention.

John Garber, VP and CFO Perceptron, Inc


Mr. Hess was the interim managing director of CYREN GmbH, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of CYREN, Inc. In addition to managing the daily operational responsibilities, he was a critical member of the executive leadership team. When Ingo joined the company, there were many incomplete post-merger and acquisition-related activities that he took over and brought to successful conclusion. He worked with a high degree of engagement and self-initiative. Ingos conduct was always exemplarily. His professional demeanor and assured presentation always put our employees and clients at ease. We could trust on him to conduct all business with integrity and good judgement.

Eva Markowitz, VP HR CYREN, Inc.